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  • IGS is a subsidiary of Netmarble,
    responsible for the game services/QA of all games developed and published by Netmarble.
01.About IGS
  • Corporate Name
    IGS. LTD
  • Chairman
  • Established
    March, 2005
  • Capital
    32.1 Bilion Korean won
  • Core Business
    Mobile ∙ Online Contents, Game Management, Online Service Management
  • 05.Selected as Korea Management Association's and KSQI's Best Company
  • 06.Contract with Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA) for mobile game global publishing support
  • 09. Czech Branch established
  • Contract with Daejeon Global Game Center(DJGC) for game growth support
  • 08.Contract with Amorepacific for services
  • 04. Selected as Korea Management Association's and KSQI's Best Company (2 years in a row)
  • 02. Entered into a contract with Pearl Abyss
  • Entered into a contract with NC Soft to provide localization services
  • 01. Entered into a contract with China's Tencent and NetEase Game
  • 11. Signed an MOU with SK on global service package business
  • Signed with Gyeonggi Content Agency to handle the operations side of the VR testbed
  • 07. Conducted a training program for QA-hopefuls at Gyeongbuk Techno Park
  • Signed with Next Generation Convergence Contents Industry Association (NCIA) to handle the general operations for Smart Content Test Platform
  • 06. Contracts with Lotte Members for services.
  • 05. Recognized as one of the best companies in Korea, receiving the highest honors from KSQI.
  • Contracts with Riot Games for services.
  • Contracts with EA Korea for services.
  • 03.Registered KOREA VR INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION(KOVRA) as full member.
  • 02. Participated in ‘Metaps Tokyo Conference 2017’ in Japan.
  • Entered into a MOU with YJM GAMES for “VR business”.
  • 12. Contract with Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) for mobile game direct global launching
  • Established IGS CHINA.
  • 11. Launched the mobile app 'Mobirum' for global game communities
  • Interacted with domestic/overseas mobile game companies at G-STAR B2B
  • - The first release of ‘TipIGS’, an in-house developed solutions software
  • Performed QA services for HanaTour Ticket, a NCIA project
  • 10. Entered a partnership agreement with iMBC for advertisement of SRT
  • Performed QA services for T'WAY AIR, a NCIA project
  • Daegu branch office has been opened.
  • 08. Human Resource Development Contract for the training of QA specialists at the Gyeongbuk Technopark and Gyeongbuk Global Game Center
  • Contract with the Next Generation Convergence Contents Industry Association (NCIA) for smart contents QA
  • Entered into a MOU for development related to a mindset and artificial intelligence CS platform
  • Performed QA services for Settlebank, a NCIA project
  • 07. Interacted with Chinese development companies at the 2016 China Joy
  • 05. Entered into a MOU with Gyeongbuk Technopark for mobile game collaboration
  • 02. Business briefing (targeting Chinese market clients)
  • 01. Media Quality Forum (Chonnam National Information and Culture Agency) Research analyst enrolled
  • 12. Established MOU with XG Entertainment (China/Service support)
  • 11. Business Innovation Awards in Korean games, from G-Star 2015
  • Established MOU with Testbird(China/QA)
  • Participated in 2015 G-Star B2B
  • Started servicing ‘Ultimate Tennis’ (9M Interactive)
  • 08. Sealed an agreement with Korea Creative Content Agency about on E.O.S business (Second)
  • Established MOU: Enish (Japan/QA)
  • 07. Participated in 2015 China Joy – exchange with Chinese developers
  • Chess Party Business – England, Islang Global Launching
  • 04. Began design publishing business
  • ‘MARVEL future fight' (Netmarble Games)
  • 03. Began Mobirum service for global users
  • Began ‘Raven with NAVER (Netmarble Games) service
  • 02. Began ‘Bingo player‘(CJ E&M) quality assurance
  • “Localizing QA” Business area expansion
  • 11. Participated in the 2014 G-Star B2B and exchanged with domestic and international game companies
  • 09. Participated in Tokyo Game Show(TGS) 2014
  • 07. Entered into an agreement with Korea Creative Content Agency on E.O.S business (Initial)
  • Business briefing (Domestic developers)
  • 05. Changed the company name to IGS ( 30 Partners / 70 PCㆍmobile game operational service)
  • 04. Established global operation-center in the Philippines
  • Contracts with US / Taiwan game operations
  • 03. Began service for 'Seven Knights for Kakao' (Netmarble Games)
  • 11. Supported establishing a service operating organization for overseas expansion (USA, Indonesia)
  • 07. Built a self-development service operation system (Total solution tool)
  • 11. Infrastructure support for operational service expansion in Indonesia for CJ E&sM (Indonesia)
  • 08. Created content design operational professionals
  • 06. Contracted with CJ E&M for game operation services
  • 04. Created CS specialized service professionals
  • 07. Constructed an integrated operational service
  • 01. Received a commendation from a Minister of Information and Communication (Personal information protection, National Customer Satisfaction Index [NCSI] 1st runner up)
  • 04. Began the online game operational service for ‘Age of exploration’ (Netmarble Games)
  • 03. Launched a service operating enterprise (Independent company)
01.Main Headquarters
  • Address
    7th and 8th floor, 25, Mullae-ro 28 gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea (07298)
  • Contact
    TEL : +82-2-2271-8800 | FAX : +82 -2-2271-8801
02.Daegu Branch
  • Address
    Daegu Contents Center, Floors 6 & 7, Dong-gu, Dongdaegu-ro 471, Daegu
  • Contact
    TEL : +82-53-213-2007 | FAX : +82-53-213-2008
03.Philippines Branch (IGS&C)
  • Address
    AIC-Burgundy Empire Tower, 10th Floor, ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig
  • Contact
    TEL : +63 (02) 234-5219
04.China Branch (IGS CHINA)
  • Address
    272号 Nan Jing Bei Jie, TaiYuan Jie ShangQuan, Heping Qu, Shenyang Shi, Liaoning Sheng
  • Contact
    TEL : +86-24-23462326 | FAX : +86-24-23462326-820